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About Us

RedGuard Specialist Services is a RedGuard and Specialist Services Joint Venture Company based in Dubai, specialised in the design, engineering and manufacturing of blast-resistant and ballistic-resistant modular buildings.

RedGuard offers proven design, engineering and manufacturing of highly certified and field-tested blast-resistant modular buildings. Specialist Services has 38 years of experience and expertise in the upstream and downstream modular buildings market offshore and onshore. Together, RedGuard Specialist Services has the resources to provide first class, safe, customisable and scalable blast-resistant and ballistic-resistant modular buildings for sale and hire.

RedGuard Specialist Services has the engineering, design, manufacturing and distribution capability to address the needs of customers in the downstream segments and defence industry in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and North America.

Products and Services

Whether you are in the oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical, chemical, military or mining industry, operating in hazardous areas is a daily routine for your business. In areas where there is a risk of accidental explosions you need modular buildings of the highest quality to rely on for protecting your people, equipment and critical operations.

Our rental fleet of blast-resistant modules ready for immediate deployment, providing proven protection guaranteed to meet the needs of virtually any project—no matter how big. Find out more

RedGuard Specialist Services’ premier line of customised blast-resistant modular buildings that can provide the proven peace of mind and uncompromised comfort necessary to get the job done. Find out more

The ultimate solution to keep personnel and equipment safe and secure, providing government and military customers with a wide variety of structures for protection and security at any threat level. Find out more

Our dedicated ServiceTeam located in Dubai, Jubail, Aberdeen, Singapore, Houston and New Iberia facilities, perfectly positioned to meet your after-sales support demands in all regions. Find out more